Benefits of borrowing with us
Easy application process

Easily accessible online application form that can be completed in 2 minutes.

Continous Funding

Access to a repeat loan after successful completion of current loan.

Flexible Repayment

Monthly repayment terms over 3-12 months depending on your businesss needs.

Easy Monitoring

Access to monitor your loan status at all times.

Affordable Interest

Affordable interest rates at 5%-8% monthly.

No extra charges

No processing fee charged or any extra hidden charges

Flexible Requirements

No hard collateral security required

Financial Education

Accessible to financial education.

All Industries

We provide loans to all sectors

Repayment Incentives

If the entire loan obligation is paid early, we will provide a refund of the interest amount for every month paid early.

Speedy Processsing

We request for additional financial and business data and administer a simple survey to assess your risk profile and loan limit and turnaround in 2-5 days.

How It Works
how it works
  1. Apply in less than 2 minutes
  2. Real time KYC and business risk based credit assessment within hours
  3. Digital loan offer presented to you if you qualify based on your credit risk
  4. If Accepted requested to submit additional data (if need be) to complete the on boarding process
  5. Once on boarded the SME is then matched to investors on Pezesha marketplace within seconds.